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DR. Martin Luther King Jr Day

 Hey Tommies, To day is a day to reflect on Dr. King's words. It is so hard as a Black family to think that anything has changed. Since then. Today while driving home from my childrens dr's appts, there was a 20 car line of "Guns Saves Life" stickers. Mind you these were people who don't look like me protesting about a Right To Bear Arms. When I can even get the same rights delivered to me just because of who I am. but yet I am supposed to be an Amercian citizen. It is hard to be a POC in the USA nowadays, what is sad is that I know that it was worst with my grand parents and their parent, and so far back. It sad that I can only go so far for back in to history because that my ancestors were consider property so there is not a proper paper trail. I find it sad that we ALL have melenin in OUR skin, ( Everyone has the same number of melanocytes, but some people make more melanin than others. If those cells make just a little bit of melanin, your  hair , skin and th

Introduction to DAT Family 5 DA Blog

  HEY GUYS, I am so excited and scared for this year's endeavor, Which is....drumroll  DAT Family 5 LLC, our media content business.  Let me introduce myself. I am Atoya Thomas, I am the wife of  Doug and Mother of Rayne 17, Mamie 15, and Ezekia 10.  We have a Youtube page that consist of  cleaning and family motivation. Our Mission is to give you the inspiriaton and motivation to love and live life abundatly. By Showing how through Video, Podcasts and Blogs.  Our Podcast is DAT Married Lyfe. Starting 1/20/21 So, Exciting. Doug and I have been Married for 17 years on the 24th.  The reason why we are starting thie endeavor will be told in future blogs. We will also talk about in the blogs the other things that will be under umbrella of  DAT Family 5.  So, I hope you are interested enough to stay with us and even more interested by stopping by So, Let me know what would you like to see and get from t